Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreams, Dreamt, Dreaming

By this wonderful age of 51 I can honestly say I have had the most important of my dreams come true.

Im married to my best friend for nearly 31 wonderful years
Together we have a 23 year old son for which we are very proud

By this wonderful age of 51 I can honestly say I wish for some things to have been different

I thought by now perhaps we would be living in a larger home or apartment
I thought by now perhaps we would have had more of our debts paid

I dont stop dreaming.
I am a huge believer that wishes and dreams can come true
I am a huge believer that these wishes and dreams will come true even faster now that I am 51

I keep my eye on my vision and every day work towards the goal

While I am on this journey I truly try to live every day to its fullest
We are only guaranteed this monent so I live it the happiest ways possible.

When I was younger I used to feel that each day was the same and I would tire of the old mundane chores and wish they would go away and that life would be more fulfilling. Life does get routine and sometimes difficult however we must remember that each day is like a fresh canvas. I now instead of grumbling and defining my chores as gray boring and mundane say instead Im blessed to have something for my hands to do and people to love...

We must change our attitude. What our life is today could change in the blink of an eye so dont focus negatively on the things for which you wished had been different. Take a moment to plan what you would like to change. Each day smile and take the baby steps necessary to get to that goal. Make the journey happy not resentful while your dreaming.

The important thing is getting and seeing your goal or vision in your mind. Without a goal it is like going on vacation without a map. You will wonder around feeling lost and not know what direction for which you need to go.

Dreams have come true, the things that I had dreamt of are still in my vision and I continue to dream because I know it is never to late to fulfill them. It takes hard work and dedication. You also however have to take care of the dreams that have already come true. I truly feel if we do not care for the things we have already been blessed with why would we ever feel deserving of more?

Please tell me, what is your map or goal for your journey
Please tell me some of the dreams that have already come true
Please tell me what your wishes are
Please tell me how you live and smile each and every day!!
I would love to hear them.

I hope together we can make today the start of dreams come true time. Times we wake up every morning excited for the new day and put our heads on the pillow fulfilled every night. Together we can help each other at this wonderful chapter of our lives.

Please join me on the journey.