Saturday, May 21, 2011

They call it Menieres Disease

On April 5, 2011 I woke up very dizzy and two days later began having a ringing in my left ear. I had a stressful week prior to this occuring so I thought I was perhaps fatigued or stressed so I tried taking it slower. The dizziness despite the rest was worsening.
I thought it was an ear infection but it was not. The doctor saw nothing in my ear. Off to a hearing test and brainwave test for which both came back abnormal. On to an ENG (balance test)...that also came back abnormal). Off to an MRI...that came back fine.
So for the moment, they have diagnosed me with menieres disease. I will be going to my medical doctor in a few weeks to ask more questions and dig a little more just to be sure.
The one thing that I am certain of is the little ringing is a sign to keep taking care of myself. I always considered myself healthy. I work out and thought I ate well.

We cannot get comfortable. There is always work that needs to be done. We are never done improving our bodies. When we think we are working hard enough we realise we must work a little harder.

Time sometimes forces us to come up with a different journey or plan. We would not go on a trip to a foreign place without a map. This new phase of doctors and tests most definately is my foreign place however with the correct map I will get to my destination one day.

I am determined to work as hard as I can to make this little noise go away. Im cutting down on salt, caffeine, eating more fruits and vegetables. Catching disease early is key.....

Im not sure if this is what I have yet but whatever you want to call it their is a glitch in my body and Im determined to work my best on fixing it.

We waste so much time in life. If a doctor told us we would die tomorrow if we continued out habit would we still do it? Im not certain I would. Im not wasting one minute.

I hope you all join me. I hope you all will put some time and effort into your own health. Let my little ringing bell be a reminder for all of you....rid yourself of the unecessary junk!!!!!.......During difficult days its easy to get discouraged and make poor choices but all choices come with a price. In the long run I dont want to pay the bad choice price!!

Keep Shining....Start today to make yourself the best YOU CAN BE!!!!!