Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleaning Out The Clutter

I once had an Aunt and her home was always company ready. You could have rung her bell at any given day or time and she greeted you with a smile and she would have a piece of cake in her freezer ready to thaw along with snacks while we waited. Her house was always company ready. Everything had a place and the closets were perfect. You could tell by her home the type of person she was. Very loving, and welcoming.

I also am loving and welcoming and do keep a decent home but in no way am I my Aunt.
I am trying very hard to be more like her however.

My Aunt never was not able to find her keys when she was leaving the house. They were in the correct place. She didnt save takeout containers like I occasionally do. She had nice stackable storage containers, and all sorts of cupboard lazy susans and wracks.

She bought the amount of clothes she needed. I open my closet and cant decide what to wear because things are just jammed inside. I am sure there are things I completely forgot are in there.

Why do I do this? Why cant I be more organized?

When you are organized it makes life so less stressful.
When you can find what your looking for it makes life so much easier.

It does not have to be to the extent of my Aunt but I sure would love to be.

I think a lot of it is emotional clutter. I think we all get so busy and just put things down and rush around to make it livable and not necessarily organized.

I think sometimes we get so overwhelmed with our lives that we just dont know where or how to begin organizing everything.

Tell me where do you need to work on decluttering?

Are your closets cluttered and you just cannot find what you are looking for?
Are you putting food in your body and cluttering the ability to be healthy?
Are you overspending and cluttering your financial life?

When we work on decluttering we are then able to open many doors. We can let people into our homes and lives with pride and we can see the picture more clearly.

Lets all of us great ladies join together and make a vow we are going to begin decluttering.
Please join me.
Please tell me your thoughts.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ahhhh - Sigh Of Relief

I think by the time we have reached our 50's we have all experienced many sigh of relief moments.
Those moments when we are worried about something and it all turns out fine.
Someone is late arriving home and we hear the key in the door
The medical tests that we had done all came back well

I sometimes wish I could bottle that wonderful feeling and keep it with me.

Most times the things we worry about turn out fine. Im not certain why I stress myself out by worry. Im guessing that it is just my nature.

I know I love the feeling of relief I get when it all works out fine. It gives me something to look forward to during the worrying phase.

I think we all need to experience a sigh of relief day once in a while. A day where we just put our worries to the side and feel that sense of Ahhhh....all is well today.

Perhaps we can stay in pajamas all day, perhaps we can have a nice hot cup of tea, read a book, take a bath, nap. Ahhhh - Sigh of Relief!!!

Our lives make it difficult to do this every day but if we can pencil in a day on our calendar, even if just once a month it may make the stressful days easier. Maybe we cannot do an entire day, perhaps half a day, perhaps a couple of hours, perhaps a couple of minutes.

I would love to hear your sigh of relief moments.
I would love to hear how you will spend your special relaxing time
I hope today you can find a moment for Ahhhh - Sigh Of Relief