Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Joys And Pains Of Growing

I believe even by the age of 50 we are all still growing. I believe with any growth we experience joy and pain despite age. I believe we all have a reason to be in this world and should share it with others. A plant starts as a seed which is then placed into a container filled with soil for which to grow a root. With proper care, nourishment, and love the root will thrive and little by little will need larger containers. People, like plants have different purposes as well. We are all placed in various containers but share the same goal, a beautiful life. I believe all of our seeds and containers are not the same in order for us to share our gifts and ask for others to share theirs with us. We all need to be friends and help nourish one another. Most plants and people thrive fine with a few sick leaves here and there having to be repaired. Some plants have a problem the moment the seed is planted and struggle through life, some did not get the correct nurturing from the beginning and grew wild with thorns and some get hurt unexpectedly through storms. When the leaves are dry and the roots are not thriving as they once did we still want to feel we belong. We still want to feel we were put here for a reason. All plants as well as people will eventually die. Nothing can remain forever. Some have long lives, some short. Some grow happier than others. Let us begin today to embrace and enjoy the time we have together. Observe all the seeds around you and keep learning and growing from one another. The world truly is a beautiful place thanks to all the seeds sprinkled around us. What seed do you have to share with another person? Who can you share it with today? Has someone had an unexpected loss that needs help getting through? Is there someone whose roots are slowly becoming ill? Do you know someone who cant afford things or has no one to help nurture them? Is there someone who is not in the correct container? Is there a lonely plant out there somewhere that could use you? There are endless ways to use your seeds to help others. Please let me know how you are using yours!!!

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