Friday, July 1, 2011

Well Begun Is Only Half Done

This past Monday I celebrated my 52nd birthday.

I officially now am beginning my 53rd year and I am so excited. I feel there are so many doors for which I want to venture into and keep enriching my mind with different things. The choices are endless.

My first half I spent caring for my family, my aunt, my mom. I still am loving and giving and caring and always will continue to be. I however am really ready to have a year for me!! I am still a caregiver of my Mom and a wife and homemaker but Im now realizing its fine to take breaks each day to do something that I enjoy. I read, cook new recipes, try different style clothing or accessories, call friends, help neighbors, write, crochet, google new topics online, workout, write handwritten notes, email, and social network to name just a few.

I want to do more things, go more places, try new restaurants, parks, museums. Every weekend can be spent getting out and having fun. I want to have wonderful memories with family and friends. I want to take lots of pictures to save one day for the future. Im so blessed to be learning a little more about my own grandparents for who I never met.

I want to be generous in sharing my story both on this blog and my blogtalkradio show as well as the handwritten journals Ive been doing for the past six years. I want to leave the story behind. I want to inspire all woman my age that our life is full of fun times and opportunities. Dont let a number prevent you from having a fulfilling life.

Body, Mind and Spirit. The work never should stop. I am going to find time each and every day to work on me and my dream coming true.

50 something is the next chapter. I have had an excellent beginning but well begun literally is only half done!

I have so much living to do! I hope you will all join me.

What are your dreams, what have you put on hold all these years? I would love to hear them.

Start today to visualize the life you wish to live. When you see it in front of you every day it will happen. Others have become successful so why not you? You most definately can succeed but it takes work.

Follow those dreams. Sometimes we have to act like children and play make believe. Make believe you already accomplished the mission. Feel it, be proud of it. Dreams come true...these truly are the best days of our lives Promise me you will begin today.

I already have!!

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  1. Donna.......Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and are feeling better. I have missed seeing you on Power-surge, and have been wondering how you are doing. I'm glad to see you posting here and it sounds like you are doing well. You know, I'm 50 now, and things didn't start out so well for me. I do hope things get better! I am still trying to figure out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. Glad you are taking some time for yourself and are doing what you enjoy. Take care. Love, Gardenbear